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Neptune View Studio (N.V.S) is a video production studio based in Malaysia, founded in 2007 by Desmond Kew and Catherine Lee with a shared vision in pursuing style and creative finesse. With a vigorous foundation built on the dedicated team, we are positioned uniquely to provide outstanding cinematography services with an impeccable attention to details and quality.


NVS Chief Cinematographer

Desmond Kew

Founder | Chief Cinematographer

“I enjoy living in the moment and every bit of it. The best portion of your life would be the small nameless moments you spent smiling with someone who matters to you. Cinematic short film is more than just motion pictures and music, it’s a piece of priceless memory.”

Knot For Two Wedding Propoal Planner

Catherine Lee

Co-founder | Production Manager

“Embrace life with love, be it in relationship or any acts of love. You'll feel warm when you embrace them. We’re the experts in turning your love story into heart-warming moments, leaving a beautiful mark in the important time of your life.”

Knot For Two Wedding Proposal Planner

Rachael Wong

Marketing Executive

"I've met all kind of clients for the past 10 years. Through time, I witness the continuous rise in clients' expectation. Documenting a wedding through short film is essential. Here I learn to appreciate the art and skills of producing a good wedding story as our clients give their heartfelt compliments on our work. Nothing feels more fulfilling than having proud clients."

NVS Director Cinematographer

Green Lum

Director Cinematographer

"Do what you love, love what you do. I like to observe the "chemistry" between the newlyweds. A quick expression, a smile or a small gesture, they're all filled with love. I hope to capture these candid and genuine interactions, freeze them in time as they become someone's sweet memories. I enjoy capturing love and happiness through my mighty lens."

NVS Cinematographer

Kei Kei


"Wedding is a once in a lifetime event. All newlyweds would want to look their best in the wedding. You can be rest assured that my non-obtrusive shooting style would put you at ease in front of the camera, capturing your 

special moments in the most relax, elegant and natural state."

NVS Graphic Designer

 "Treat your life as a book, create it, write it, explore it and make it a top selling one that everyone wishes to read! In fact, life has no take two. Marriage marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in life, appreciate your loved one, make him/her the happiest person on earth and you will be blessed in abundance. Live your life to the fullest - A fun, fruitful and fulfilling one with no regrets!" 

KL Lee

Graphic Designer

Neptune View Studio
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