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Corporate Branding


The Gold Note of Hope

The Gold Note of Hope is a tribute to the greatest leader of our nation, our Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad. His abiding love and incredible fighting spirit for our nation and its people, is a true inspiration that will be etched into the Malaysian history forever, just like gold. With this, Poh Kong hopes to inspire the same devotion amongst Malaysians towards our beautiful nation with the Gold Note of Hope.

BFF Makeover

The Lip Wonders

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world, glamorise the new you with BFF Makeover.

Qinetics Solutions

Domain Name Management

Under their global identity and branding of Web Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC), Qinetics Solutions is a global leader in providing domain name management services. Over the years, they have made tremendous achievements, winning multiple awards from Global Organisations that recognize their solid competencies, and partnering with some of the biggest players in the domain name industry.

Amanda Tiew

The Success Journey

What greater thing is there for someone than to help the people around while pursuing one’s dream. Through Amanda’s success story, we see not only her perseverance in achieving life goals, but also the virtuous and sincere care for all her friends & family.

Tune Insure

Air Asia Travel Protection

A compelling story of how Lawrence was rescued from the treacherous Mount Everest Base and the importance of a travel insurance. Instead of being occupied with the what ifs, get Tune Insure AirAsia Travel Protection when you travel domestically or internationally with the World’s Best Low Cost Airline, AirAsia! From trip cancellation to lost baggage, delays and personal accidents, they’ve got you covered. So leave your worries behind and let Tune Insure deal with them instead.


Picture Air

Pictureworks PictureAir is a simple, efficient and automated digital imaging solution for Theme Park Attractions. It uses cutting edge technology to provide the customer with their photographic products very quickly through a mobile platform, connecting people and sharing memories wirelessly. 

MyTrust 2018

Family Foundation . Estate Planning

Being young is your biggest asset,
Being young is an attitude,
Youth comes but once in a lifetime,
How would you define yours?

Villa 22 Bukit Rimau

Introductory Commercial

A township Introductory video created for Villa 22. It is an exclusive address within the affluent township of Bukit Rimau, easily connected to major cities and prime destinations via a network of major highways. It is also a low-density community consisting only 22 units landed homes, sprawled over 3 acres of Freehold land and carefully designed with a single entry point for peace-of-mind.


Complete Care

Chevrolet is with their owners for the long haul. That’s the promise that comes with Chevrolet Complete Care – the comprehensive owner benefit program that provides excellent service and support from the moment you purchase a Chevrolet vehicle.

Green Meadows

Montessori Home School

Montessori Home School stresses on developing & nurturing a child through ‘Whole Child’ approach that emphasis on physical, intellectual, languages, emotional, social and spiritual development. It is designed to stimulate the child’s interest and facilitate his understanding & learning capacities with little or no adult intervention. An adoptive non-competitive environment imbue of love, security & respect.

InterContinental KL

165 Lounge 

A redefined luxury offering a refreshing respite from the day’s activities-165 Lounge. You can enjoy the new tapas style menu offerings, quietly sip on a cup of freshly brewed illy coffee. Come evenings, you can relax in chic surroundings, listening to the sounds of smooth live jazz whilst enjoying an extensive selection of International wines and beers, and creative craft cocktails. 165 Lounge is not just an address, but a location to indulge.

V4U Studio

The Talent Builder

V4U Studio is a performance and event planning studio which offers holistic youth-oriented dance & singing programmes for kids & youth. They also provide consultations, planning and coordination for weddings, corporate events, private parties and other occasions accompanied with emcee services.

Group 33

The Currency Conference

Group Thirty Three is an event company, their central expertise lies within the top management of having almost 10 years of experience in organizing events, exhibition and trade shows. Their passion of constantly developing ideas that suits clients’ choice of concept to create a better marketing mix that is impactful to the targeted audience.

REMAX Malaysia

My Device My Life

Chevrolet is with their owners for the long haul. That’s the promise that comes with Chevrolet Complete Care – the comprehensive owner benefit program that provides excellent service and support from the moment you purchase a Chevrolet vehicle.


The Leading Steel Maker

Being the pioneer in the use of Electric Arc Furnace for steel making in Malaysia, Malaysia Steel Works Berhad has consistently pursue its goal to be one of the leading steel makers in the region. Both the manufacturing plants are equipped with modern equipment and are fully computerised to produce precision quality products. An eye opener into the steel manufacturing!

InterContinental KL

Tastu Japanese Restaurant

A subtle blend of Japanese aesthetics with a contemporary, minimalist design – Tatsu, is an award-winning restaurant with Japanese Executive Chef Yanagida Tetsuya at the helm of the kitchen. Guests can enjoy the zen-like view of the lush garden and cascading waterfall while enjoying the freshest seafood available along with a variety of dishes, cocktails, wine and sake that is sure to please the most discerning connoisseur.

Neptune View Studio
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