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Dixon & Vickie

Crossing Borders Just For You

by Knot For Two Event

KFT’s very first international client from Hong Kong! Dixon and Vickie had planned to fly across countries to celebrate the new year here in Malaysia, Vickie’s home country. Having prepared this proposal for six months, seeing family members and close friends flew in from Hong Kong and Malaysia standing before Vickie, and those heartfelt words and actions from Dixon, his efforts definitely paid off when Vickie nodded her head in happy tears!

Keat Lim & Phei Yee

May I Take Her Hand?

by Knot For Two Event

For Keat Lim who resided in overseas for a long time, his only wish for this marriage proposal is to involve his and Phei Yee’s immediate family. Keat Lim made a video to commemorate their romantic relationship. The atmosphere of the room went so warm and cozy with family love when each family member gives their blessing and approval in handwritten boards is worth watching!

Kean & Sheela

Sky of Love

by Knot For Two Event

We always try to find something new to keep life exciting, discovering unvisited places together or engage in new experiences to create a memorable adventure with your partner. But what though? Bungee jumping perhaps? Skydiving? Be on a private jet? Sail away in a fancy yacht? Or hop on a helicopter ride? ​We've got this! Let's fly across Kuala Lumpur first!

Adrian & KaiXin

Love Like Gentoo Penguins

by Knot For Two Event

The good looking couple reminds us of Kim Soo-Hyun and Jun Ji-Hyun in some K-Drama. We wish the both stay this romantic forever!

Ling Ming & Khai Xian

Lovers Before We Met

by Knot For Two Event

This is definitely pure love. When we met up with Ling Ming and get to know their story, it feels like it’s from some kind of romantic novel. Have you ever have the feeling of togetherness with someone even before knowing them? This is how Ling Ming describes this love with Khai Xian. This is their love story…

Jie & Mei Li

Plan-on Plan

by Knot For Two Event

What if you've a highly intelligent, exceptionally sharp and sensible girlfriend, how would you go about to propose to her? What if she's able to sense that something fishy is going on with you, when she finds out, whatever you’ve been planning for might be poured down the drain, from big surprises to no more surprises! Thank everyone who is in this together did not accidentally spill the beans. We made it a secret until the very last minute.

Dic & Pauline

My Lover My Best Friend

by Knot For Two Event

Love was supposed to be simple, like the coexistence of this kind of love would suffice, nothing fancy is necessary. That goes to show you that a grand proposal is not needed to prove Dic’s love for Pauline, because everything is sincere and the purest of kind intention from the heart. Dic serenaded to Pauline in the restaurant and pronounced his love to his life, with romantic comic strip, leading towards a ring at the end of the page.

Aaron & Monica

Helicopter Fairy Tale

by Knot For Two Event

This is a proposal that caught the media attention! We got a make-up artist to dress Monica up for the surprise, invited her to Carcosa Seri Negara,and that’s where the action begins!

Paul & Venus

Can I Marry Your Daughter?

by Knot For Two Event

Venus felt suspicious about Paul, and she knew that Paul is planning a proposal! This had made our task harder as the main surprise element of “this is the marriage proposal” has been expected. Marriage proposals are meant to be a mysterious surprise! To see how the team win over Venus's heart, watch the video to find out!

Lye & Caryn

Love in Abundance

by Knot For Two Event

When two people who are in love, whose career, relationship and age have reached a certain maturity level, what do they look for in a marriage proposal? We can’t say for sure how many chances a person miss out in a lifetime, but Lye knows for sure that this is that one opportunity he'll never let it pass by. The both of them have gone through so much in their past, but fate had shed some lights on their path to find one another and guided them to take on a second chance.

Chin & Carol

A Little Bit of Magic!

by Knot For Two Event

Definitely not your average dinner proposal! Finding the perfect location was challenging enough but we managed to. Despite of being not a good dancer, but, with all his patience, practice and perseverance, will Carol marries him?

Sebastian & Venessa

Romantic Proposal

by Knot For Two Event

Sebastian determines to practice hard so that he can perform to his beloved girlfriend to prove his sincerity. Sincerity is romantic, because you don’t need a grand ceremony to touch a truthful heart.

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