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Circle of Love

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

The circle that doth restless move in the same sweet eternity of love, a journey starting at forever and ending at never.

Message from the newlyweds:

We were spending days watching countless portfolio videos to look for the right team for our wedding in KL and shortlisting a few. Once we started to make contact, it became obvious NVS was our clear favourite by far for their professionalism and responsiveness. We commend Catherine on her exceptional communication and organisational skills as both were very crucial to us as we lived in overseas and couldn't meet in person. It took only two meetings (one online and one face to face) prior to our wedding and we found understanding on how we would work together better for a perfect video on our big day. The team also went above and beyond and even suggested a rundown for us which was usually done by a wedding planner. Each of their videos was very unique and showed they truly tailored their filming to every couple as opposed to fitting us to their existing templates. Their attention to detail and friendliness made us very comfortable throughout the event. Everyone was very impressed with the Same Day Edit presented during our banquet and we can't wait to see the final video. Thanks Desmond, Catherine, QiQi and the rest of your team for your work!

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