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Malaysia's Top 10 Cinematographers by The Wedding Vow

Again we’re voted as one of the Malaysia’s Top 10 Cinematographers 2017 by The Wedding Vow​! It’s truly motivating!! On behalf of the NVS team, we’d like to thank everyone for your trust and confidence in us. You guys are the momentum that keep us moving! Thank you!!

Wedding videographer and cinematographer helps you create a perfect memory that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. They produce blissful and stunning shots of your most unforgettable wedding day that will surely remember. The Wedding Vow has compiled the Top 10 Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia that will help you while you prepare for your big day.

Top 10 Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia

1. iStudio, for an elegant movie style |

2. Filming Art Cinematographer, for a touching wedding video |

3. Neptune View Studio, for a natural wedding documentation |

4. Kenchan Production, for your unforgettable special moments |

5. Motion in Style, for romantic moments of your love story |

6. Wheres The Fish, for your own fairytale |

7. Doodle Studio, for a blissful masterpiece |

8. Beezworks Productions, for professional wedding documentation |

9. Crazy Monkey Studio, for a heartfelt wedding cinematography |

10. Shutterspeak Studio, for moments to treasures |

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