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Touch of Love

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about. I love the way you do all those little things for me and make me smile.

Message from the newlyweds:

We engaged NVS for both our local and destination wedding. Desmond was friendly, humorous, and easy-going. On top of these, he is professional and creative at work. He's good at giving instruction on what to do, and he is precise in getting the shots that he aimed for, and the end-result shown on SDE was amazing. Everyone who attended the wedding was wow-ed by the video. Desmond and the team managed to capture the essence of the wedding ceremony, and most importantly, everyone's facial expression. My hubby and I were so at ease with Desmond and team after seeing the SDE, that we were completely relaxed at our destination wedding and trusted that Desmond would work his magic again. Thank you Desmond and NVS team for being such an amazing team! Shiyee and I can't wait to see the final videos and relive the wedding again! We're so glad we invested in wedding videography and thankful that it was NVS we chose! In Desmond we trust. 😉 Best wishes to you and everyone in NVS!

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