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Vote for NVS - by Tallypressmy

Year 2015, we're humbly listed as one of the Malaysia’s Top 10 Wedding Cinematography Studios. This year, we're honored to be nominated once again in the [Top 10 Wedding Cinematographers in KL & Selangor].

Driven by a passion for imagery and cinematographic excellence, NEPTUNE VIEW STUDIO has always been seeking for fresh and exciting breakthrough to deliver our signature cinematic videos, accentuating the fine balance between aesthetic and content. NVS philosophy is as simple as keeping things real and natural, share your stories through our lens. We capture moments in time with motion pictures, rousing rhymes and genuine emotions. It is beautiful having heartwarming memories to look back and smile, we bring memories to life.

Please click the link below and click the voting box for NEPTUNE VIEW STUDIO and share this with your friends & family! Thank you for your love & continuous supports!

Neptune View Studio | Brings memories to life

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