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CARI Internet Interview | The KnotForTwo Proposal Planners

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

An Unromantic Proposal Experience Made Her The Men Savior!

A great honored to be interviewed by CARI Internet 佳礼网 about the passion of being a Professional Proposal Planner.

Marriage proposal only happen once in your lifetime, every woman on earth would definitely want a memorable and unique one! Catherine Lee was once felt disappointed with her husband’s proposal, and inspired to be a proposal planner since then so as to realise every girls dream.

You may think, guys who are seeking help from proposal planner are too lazy to think or make surprises, in fact, this may not be true. Catherine Lee & Rachael Wong had assisted at least more than 30 couples in winning their lover’s heart. Which was the most intriguing proposals they have ever done? Let’s find out!

不浪漫的求婚遗憾 让她成为拯救男士们的求婚策划师!



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